Clapton Craft x Siren Craft Brew - Oat Couture Pale Ale

Clapton Craft x Siren Craft Brew - Oat Couture Pale Ale

On a sunny Thursday morning the Clapton Craft co-founders and team hopped on a train and made their way to Finchampstead, Berkshire to brew a collaboration beer with the guys at Siren Craft Brew, a 4.1% double dry hopped (DDH) pale ale brewed with Marris Otter and Munich malt, malted oats (30% in the mash), wheat and hopped with Equinox, Simcoe and Citra (in the whirlpool) - no hops were added to the boil for an ultra low bitterness.

Oat Couture' has a bright citrus flavour with earthy undertones and aromas of grapefruit, pine and herbs.


What is Dry Hopping?

Excerpt taken from 'What is Dry-Hopped Beer' by Clapton Craft, June '16

''When we talk about dry hopping, we mean that dried hops (or hop pellets) are added to either the fermentation vessel or conditioning tank post-boil. Brewers will often suspend mesh bags packed with hops in the beer like a giant teabag. Other approaches involve circulating the beer through a column of hops. However it’s done, the aim of dry hopping is to extract and retain as much of the essential oils in the finished beer as possible.''

A notable London brewer explains, ''dry hopping is all about adding a load of hop aroma to the beer without adding any bitterness; since most of what we taste actually comes from aroma, dry hopping can really elevate a beer’s flavour and make it pop''.


'Oat Couture' will be available this week in-store and across the UK from September 27th 28th in 330ml bottles and in keg as a 1.89L Growler-fill and/or 1L bottle-fill in your local Clapton Craft store.

Pop back over the next week for more images, more information and a round-up of everything Siren Craft Brew x Clapton Craft.


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